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Timothy J. Alexander


Management of socio-ecological systems that balances sustainable use of natural resources with the conservation of biodiversity



Apr 2019 – present                      Ecological consultant, Marine Solutions Tasmania Pty Ltd
Fieldwork, data management & reporting for ecological consulting projects

Jun 2013 – present                      Fish and fisheries ecologist, Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
Ecology and management of fish diversity in central European lakes

Mar 2012 – May 2013                  Fisheries ecologist, WorldFish Center, Ghana
Gillnet selectivity and catch efficiency

May 2012 – Feb 2013                  Fisheries ecologist, James Cook University, Australia
Periodically-harvested marine areas for food security

June 2012,  Feb 2013                  Quantitative ecologist, Caring for our Country, Tassal aquaculture, Australia
Biofouling assemblages in cage aquaculture

Feb 2012 – May 2012                  Benthic ecologist, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, Australia
Human impacts on rocky reef benthic invertebrates

Aug 2010 – Dec 2011                  Fisheries socio-ecologist, WorldFish Center, Solomon Islands
Community-managed marine areas for food security

April 2001 – Dec 2001                 Research assistant, University of Newcastle, Australia
Systematic conservation planning

Oct 2000 – Feb 2001                   Research scholarship, University of Newcastle, Australia
Diet analysis and reproductive ecology of two estuarine fishes



Mar 2018                                        Lecturer, Conservation of Indigenous Vertebrates, 3rd year Biology, University of Bern

Nov 2015 – present                       Lecturer, Evolutionary Biodiversity Dynamics, 2nd year Biology, University of Bern

May 2012 – Jun 2013                    Mathematics, physics and English tutor; guest science teacher, International School of Berne

Mar 2006 – Mar 2008                    Field teacher and lab demonstrator, animal evolution & ecology, University of Tasmania

Feb 2006                                        Participant, teacher training for zoology demonstrators, University of Tasmania

Feb 2002 – Oct 2002                     Aquaculture teacher, College of Technical and Further Education, Australia

Nov 2001                                        Field teacher, conservation biology, University of Newcastle, Australia

Oct 2001                                        Guest science teacher, St. Edwards College, Australia



September 2011                           Team leader, Solomon Island field surveys, Reef Life Survey
Surveys of corals, invertebrates and fishes in Solomon Islands

May 2010 – July 2010                   Team leader, Tropical Australian field surveys, Reef Life Survey
Two-month expedition to survey marine biodiversity in northern Australia

July 2008 – August 2008              Technical officer, Australian Maritime College, Australia
Invasive rice grass and estuarine food webs

May 2007 – July 2007                   Technical officer, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
Ecosystem modeling of inshore fisheries in southeastern Australia

June 2005 – July 2006                  Records manager, Tasmanian Marine Naturalists Association, Australia
Digitizing and managing malacological collection records

Feb 2004 – July 2009                   Technical officer (>15 different projects), Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute, Australia
Laboratory and fieldwork in rocky reefs, coastal bays, estuaries and rivers

Jan 2000 – Sept 2001                  Technical officer (two projects), University of Newcastle, Australia
Phytoplankton growth and zooplankton grazing rates
Rocky reef monitoring